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A world where little is what it seems.  Where truth is laid bare with no place left to hide.

Here we’ll explore the world of suspense and mind-altering thrillers.

Stare into the darkness with writers and fans, all who stumble unaware across our threshold.

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Mondays –  Writer Interviews.  Meet the hottest writers of today.  We feature writers across all platforms:  established authors, freelancers, bloggers, and all genres of storytellers.  Book your own feature on the blog by completing our 5-minute Get Featured! questionnaire.

Wednesdays –  All About Cults. Peek into M.E.’s research about cults, emotional disturbances, and wacky religions.  Hear tales of contemporary cult survivors from all types of cults.

Fridays – Books, Podcast, and Movie Reviews. Check out M.E.’s latest book recommendations.  Find a book to suit your mood.  Podcast and movie reviews are also featured periodically.

Saturdays – PsychPod Studio Podcast Episode.  Listen to M.E.’s news and views on all topics psychological.

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Discover how the germ of an idea morphs into a full-fledged thriller novel.  Delve into M.E.’s imagination and creativity.  Follow a play-by-play of M.E.’s novel adventures.  Read about other writers and readers.  Learn the secrets of modern day cults.  Check out the latest thriller novels.  Meet up with M.E. if you live near Chicago.  Listen to PsychPod Studio with M.E.’s discussions of all topics psychological, fact and fiction.  Be the first to hear news of M.E.’s debut novel releases.

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Network with other writers.  Get featured on the blog.  Read publication success stories. Share research techniques. Discover what’s hot in genre fiction. Build your author platform.  M.E. is still pre-published in fiction, yet she sold her novel before completing the initial outline.  Follow her novel updates to learn how it’s done. She discusses the joys, pitfalls, and slumps of writing a debut series of thriller fiction.

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